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Written by: Iroro Chadere

Accelerating API Performance: Why API Response Time Matters?

Achieving optimal API performance requires more than just wishful thinking; it demands a meticulous examination of potential...

Written by: Iroro Chadere

Postman Vs Hoppscotch: What you must know

As the demand for interconnected and interoperable systems continues to rise, the role of APIs in modern...

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Written by: Iroro Chadere

Understanding Microservices & API Gateway: A Comprehensive Guide

As the entry point for client requests, the API gateway provides a unified interface to the diverse...

Written by: Iroro Chadere

Sending Emails Made Easy: A Comprehensive Resend Tutorial for Developers

Sending emails from your apps shouldn’t be difficult especially if you’re using Resend - the email tool...

Written by: Iroro Chadere

Server-side Rendering (SSR) vs. Client-side Rendering (CSR) in Next.js: When and Why to Use Each Approach

When working with Next.js, a popular React framework for building web applications, you can choose between...

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Written by: Iroro Chadere

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